Sublimation Clear Glass Mugs

Product Details

Clear glass mugs are very widely used and appreciated because of their durability and simple designs which are mostly used for green tea. These promotional glass mugs can be used in cafes or restaurants to put beverages in them. It not only used for business but also used by regular people especially in offices on a short tea break maybe. Important thing about this clear glass mug due to which it is mostly appreciated and adored is its clear crystal material that catches everybody’s attention and amazing handle that shields it from the temperature of whatever your client put inside, hot or frosty which is a dynamic point in a business sector as everything counts that helps ease the customers. This 11 Oz Custom clear glass Mug has a regular size with the height of 98 mm and the diameter of about 80 mm. Individuals will love to have your Customized Glass Mugs with such sturdiness.

  • 11 oz
  • Size: 98 x 80 mm
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